My Grandmother loved flowers it was she, who instilled my love of garden and flowers. How I love flowers! The colors, the scents, and how they change the world, oh, Flowers really move me! 

After a long corporate career (too long) I bit the bullet and chose to follow my passion - FLOWERS by becoming a Master Gardener. I took all the grass out of my large front yard and planted thousands of wildflowers from seeds. I built raised beds, where I grow cut flowers, when the Iguanas permit. Neighbors and people walking by started noticing my garden and asked for bouquets and after a few false starts voila! I went to flower school in Portland, Oregon to the renown Floral Design Institute.  It was there I earned my Certified Florist designation. It is necessary to keep up with trends and designs of the floral world and I am continually participating in many floral workshops with Floral Designers from all over the country!


I am passionate about flowers and design. My passion, flowers, help beautify the world!


I am a avid dog advocate, volunteer weekly at the Humane Society, Dragon Boat on a fabulous Dragon Boat team, GO BP!

I have 4 doggies, 15 parrots and birdies, a Super Duper Hubby and family and friends I cannot live without!

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