Design takes time........

Okay Brides, Couples, present, past and future, planners LISTEN UP!! - flowering is HARD WORK!

Do you think blooms delivered like this? NOOOOOOOO!

They come in BOXES!!! that must be unpacked....THEN

We sparkle our buckets...we clean, clean our vases, compotes, stands, candles, votives, arches, and chop, cut, dice and hydrate our blooms........ design days EARLY to LATE.....we separate, recipe, green, frog, chicken wire, tape, measure, bind and flower what we need too...WE laugh, cry and's WORK!!

Wedding Day- ahhhhhh- we ribbon, review, check list after list, tuck, adjust, pin, tie, pray....we cool the van, pack, unpack and repack dodging hot sun, speed (well most of the time) on early to venue - to unpack, to shelp vases, buckets of flowers, arches, greens, even water, to place, review, adjust, adjust, (sometimes we even deal with scary planners), build arches, chuppahs, meadows, chandeliers - in the sun- in the cold- in the rain- on the beach- in the woods- at a venue- a backyard- WE DO IT ALL

WE speed to the venue, arrive early, unpack, buckets, arches, vases, flowers, greens. We place, tuck, arrange, design, fuss and fuss again, we build meadows, chuppahs, arches, chandeliers....

BUT do we go home, NO, NO, NO.. we stay to flip, to move to change AND THEN we return usually at MIDNIGHT with designers, assistants, husbands (thank you!!!), to pack, break down, move, clean......STILL not done! Returning, placing, cleaning, counting.....

NOW you know the rest of the STORY, flowering should not be and IS NOT EASY, FAST or CHEAP...

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