I know that you know- that I know- flowers are expensive1

Flowers are expensive!

Let’s get down and dirty….. The past year the flower industry has been decimated – farmers not in their fields – no trucks or planes to get what blooms there were to market = no or little to no flowers.

This spring Farmers are in recovery mode – planting and harvesting in more of a normal manner. But wait, the flowers that were not planted last year- could not be harvested this year = low production.

Wedding season is here…..

Brides want their weddings filled with flowers.

Flowers are in high demand and because of the pandemic (supply vs. demand) prices have risen between 15-30%.

As a florist I believe in educating couples about flower cost. When we have a consultation, we talk about how and where we purchase flowers, that flowers are purchased in bunches (not just one stem of this and one stem of that), that we source from many farmers - all farmers do not grow the same flowers and that flowers are seasonal (all flowers do not grow all the time). We also tell our couples we must time the delivery of the flowers exactly right so wedding day they will be perfect.

Wedding flowers are work, after they are delivered- they are cleaned and processed into a cooler before they are designed. Design and production can take up to a week with more than one designer making it happen. Once designed and loaded into the truck, there is delivery and set up (this can take up to 8 hours) and finally after the event (this could be late into the night or early morning) we return to clean up and retrieve what is left behind.

Whew…(exhausting)………now you know, what you might not have known… why flower costs are what they are…… #flowersareexpensive #flowereducation

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