Sustainability In Floristry

Updated: Apr 20

Do you know where your flowers come from?

American grown flowers only account for 20% of all flowers sold in US.

  • Sustainable floristry – using environmentally friendly ways to bring flowers from the farm to the customer (my definition, is protecting Mother Earth,the environment and the people who harvest, design, and love them)

  • 80% of cut flowers sold are imported from other countries.

  • Sustainability respects the seasons and design when they bloom naturally.

  • Support American flower farmers.

  • Encourage sustainable and organic farming practices.

  • Elimination of chemicals and waste (there is no limit to the amount of chemicals sprayed on imported cut flowers – due to import laws, imported flowers are sprayed with fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides).

  • Designing in season – design by seasons- local, native, and seasonable flowers

  • Sustainable floristry reduces transportation footprint of flowers by sourcing locally as possible.

  • Reducing waste- not using environmentally unfriendly foam

  • Recycle dead blooms- reuse for compost, reuse for designs.

  • Flowers from flower farms are harvested and immediately sent on to consumers.

  • Flowers from flower farms grown domestically are more colorful, last longer (my own observation).

Slow Flowers...

Slow Flowers founder, Debra Prinzing, says in her book, Slow Flowers


Slow Flower Movement has two main goals:

“To change the flower sourcing practices of consumers and professionals

through outreach and education, that highlights the benefits of local,

seasonal and domestic floriculture.

To build a movement that promotes the cultivation and sales of local,

seasonal, and sustainable flowers, while nurturing authentic connections

between consumers, farmers and florist.”

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